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There is no limitation to your imagination. Do you want to give your car a stylish new Touch or a complete new colour? We offer you a part foiling as well as a fully foiling of your car.

Do you want to distinct from the common crowd car style and have only some parts of your car provided with a new colour, like for example your car bonnet or trunk lid – then we are the perfect provider to fulfill your wishes.
Do you use your car as a company car? Then we can create a foil with your company colour and logo and fix it on your car. This is a way how you can attract customers very easily. Furthermore it is a very cheap way for marketing as you don’t have to pay for the advertising wall. Of course we also offer you foiling for SUVs and your company trucks. These company cars offer a perfect advertising place for your company with our foils you can use this place in the best possible way.

But we do not only offer our service for a single car/truck, you can of course also have your entire company cars designed by us, so that all your cars have the same design. This is very good for your reputation and customers will easily recognize your cars.
Our foil is suitable for nearly every kind of car. From a small sportive two seater to a spacious SUV or truck.
In addition you can have your car windscreens toned with our toning foil. Because we do not only colour your car we also tone your car’s windows!

For all our foils we give you a guarantee of five years. So in the case of a damage or a broken foil – within those five years we will provide you with a new one.  The car market is crowded with dubious suppliers. However with choosing our services you are definitely on the safe side. You can be sure that we make only use of high qualitative materials – to guarantee you the quality of our foil, we only use TÜV certified ones. Furthermore we only have professional workers who put the foil on your car.
Due to our wide colour palette and many different designs, we can make sure that we can fulfill all your design wishes. From colourful foils (red, green, yellow, orange, gold, silver, grey and many many more) to the traditional foiling with black or white foil, we can provide hundreds of different colours. Of course we also offer matting foil as well as shining foils. Furthermore we can produce foils with special company logos or special company colours. You can of course make use of our already finished design motives (choose from a wide range of motives like butterflies or devils).

To make your car as safe as possible we also offer protective foil so that it is harder to destroy the glasses of your windows. This is an effective way to keep thieves away from your car.

As you can see there are hardly any limits to your imagination. So if you also want to provide your car with our foils and give your car a unique and special touch, then turn to our team. Our employees look forward to hearing from you and are pleased to prepare you with an individual offer, adapted to your special wishes. If there are any questions left, don’t hesitate and call or text us.